1st Seminar on Ferroic Functional Materials             21-22 November 2012

Scope and Topics

Due to their unique properties, multifunctional materials continue to attract attention from both the research and the industrial application communities. Research on these materials has included experimental investigation, modeling, and simulation of their complex response features, such as multi-physical couplings, nonlinearity, inelasticity, and anisotropy. The seminar places a special focus on the investigation of multiferroics, i.e. materials that exhibit ferroelectricity, ferromagnetism or ferroelasticity, and their respective couplings.

The calibration of these models on the basis of reliable experimental data is of key importance. Generalized notions of material stability for coupled responses also remain to be defined. The goal of this meeting is to bring together researchers from mechanics, material science, solid state physics and applied mathematics to discuss current developments in the field. The seminar will place special emphasis on theoretical, numerical, and experimental aspects. Typical examples for classes of ferroic functional materials include piezo- and ferroelectric ceramics, ferromagnetic and magnetostrictive materials, and particularly also their composites.