1st Seminar on Ferroic Functional Materials             21-22 November 2012


Invited keynote lecturers

Horst Beige, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Marc Kamlah, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Etienne Patoor, LEM3/ENSAM, Metz, France

Final schedule and seminar booklet (PDF)

Wednesday, 21 November

12:30-13:20   registration/light lunch and refreshments

13:20-13:30   opening

13:30-14:15 E. Patoor Electromechanical modeling for ferroelectric and ferroelastic ceramics
14:15-14:40 F. Wendler Magnetic and elastic response of ferromagnetic shape memory alloys studied with a phase-field model
14:40-15:05 M. Labusch A computational framework for the two-scale homogenization of non-dissipative magnetostrictive solids
15:05-15:30 G. Ethiraj Microsphere model for finite deformation modeling of magnetosensitive elastomers

15:30-16:00   coffee break/posters

16:00-16:45 H. Beige Lineare und nichtlineare elastische, dielektrische und elektromechanische Eigenschaften von Dielektrika
16:45-17:10 A. Nazrabi Experimentelle Methoden zur Messung von Dehnung in Nanometerbereich
17:10-17:35 F. Endres Towards molecular simulation of ferroelectric materials
17:35-18:00 D. Schrade Interpretation of material parameters in phase field models for ferroelectrics

20:00 dinner

Thursday, 22 November    

09:00-09:25 I. Anusca Core/shell Nanoparticles: different synthetic routes of multiferroic cobalt ferrite/barium titanate and characterisation
09:25-09:50 M. Etier Magnetoelectric properties of 0.2CoFe2O4-0.8BaTiO3 composite prepared by the organosol route
09:50-10:15 B. Xu Phase Field Simulation on the Influence of Point Defects with Domain Structures in Ferroelectrics
10:15-10:40 A. Bratskikh Modeling and simulation of mechanical damage behavior of polycrystalline ferroelectric ceramics

10:40-11:10 coffee break/posters

11:10-11:55 M. Kamlah Ferroelectricity, ferroeleasticity, and charge transport in piezoceramics and their couplings: modeling and experiments
11:55-12:20 M. Jamshidian     A multi-scale computational procedure via coupling between finite-element and phase-field methods for microstructure evolution applications
12:20-12:45 I. Münch Ferroelectric nanogenerators coupled to an electric circuit for energy harvesting

12:45 closing

13:00 farewell/light lunch and refreshments